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ZAMination Productions
Check out PART 2!

Comment from : ZAMination Productions

Mart Meijer
If foxy wants to escape why not bust a dann window
Comment from : Mart Meijer

Марина Коновалова
Оввдвдллыдвшааомосбвдсбвб бвюсвбсьвдябчбябччбсюмж
Comment from : Марина Коновалова

Izicleide Leão
I Love foxy
Comment from : Izicleide Leão

andrzej strauch
Xd lol GG do mam talent do języków programowania w garry nie
Comment from : andrzej strauch

Bogdan Panchea
Omg how many times does he die???
Comment from : Bogdan Panchea

myhouse fran masalquiler
muy buena la cancion
Comment from : myhouse fran masalquiler

Lautaro Fabrizio Cardozo
Yo quiero es freddy
Comment from : Lautaro Fabrizio Cardozo

Ana Lucia Pereira
Musica legal
Comment from : Ana Lucia Pereira

Like your 😻
Comment from : ballora

👉⏺ > 1:16
Comment from : ballora

😻 🐱 😻
Comment from : ballora

Vicente Hernandez
Me gusta porque estan muy bonitos los animatronicos
Comment from : Vicente Hernandez

No Name
"Ghost meme"????????????
Comment from : No Name

Louis Chan
i like it so like 1
Comment from : Louis Chan

Gera Hernandez
Like si qres que ese no es el estilo de foxy
Comment from : Gera Hernandez

Total Drama DRAGON
William afton = purple guy
Comment from : Total Drama DRAGON

Total Drama DRAGON
Uhh I like the song but foxy is not a kid I a suit and afton is dead he’s in spring trap
Comment from : Total Drama DRAGON

Shannon ray Martin
Good thing videos like this wasn't MADE FOR KIDS content. At LEAST, viewers can comment on these!
Comment from : Shannon ray Martin

Fernando Andrade
faz a parte 2
Comment from : Fernando Andrade

Ana Lucia Pereira
Que pena
Comment from : Ana Lucia Pereira

Rafael henrique Joao silva
Comment from : Rafael henrique Joao silva

Ekin Demirtaş
I think the foxy song is,RUN
Comment from : Ekin Demirtaş

Jennifer C.
Hey foxy if you want to be free go through the fucking door

Comment from : Jennifer C.

Mehmet Karabulut
Foxy rıp
Comment from : Mehmet Karabulut

Daily Bypasses And Roblox Content
that is 10/10 me.

Comment from : Daily Bypasses And Roblox Content

maricela quiroz
Like fox diste location
Comment from : maricela quiroz

Ramon Ocampo
La mejor canción de todo el mundo foxy
Comment from : Ramon Ocampo

Yuri Ddlc


Comment from : Yuri Ddlc

Drg 2008
Foxy locks so cute
Comment from : Drg 2008

Genesis Toscano
I didn't get the video but I still liked it tho what fnaf is this Foxy the original cause chica Freddy and Bonnie look like toys so isn't Mangle supposed to be there?
Comment from : Genesis Toscano

şeref mutlu
pls turkısh subtitle
Comment from : şeref mutlu

Mamba Neagra
Comment from : Mamba Neagra

Mamba Neagra
Comment from : Mamba Neagra

I love Foxy
Comment from : LUP GRI 15

Vitor Queiroz Medici
Foxy vídeo sala
Comment from : Vitor Queiroz Medici

Foxy x Mangle
RIP foxy 😢😢
Comment from : Foxy x Mangle

Чарли ищет пару
0:39 что за танго?!😂😂😂
Comment from : Чарли ищет пару

Joel Korhonen
3:19 why does afton have bloodsht eyes?
3:42 also chica isn't holding afton from the hand

Comment from : Joel Korhonen

How is foxy still in there it’s fnaf2 right 🤔
Comment from : mcruz8649

Meli Chibi
Maicra :^
Comment from : Meli Chibi

I Gacha Freind
0:44 ive done that pose b4 hahaha
It was when i was scaring my classmate during TLE time hahaha
HAHAHAHAHA hahahaha 😭 wheheheheh😭 what is wrong with me
0:46 me forcing my best friend to buy me a free food
0:52 me telling a scary story
0:54 - 0:57 me thinking of my next evil deed
I can go on but i shouldnt
Im gonna piss off the comment section if i do

Comment from : I Gacha Freind

Jackson’s Vlog and Friends
I wanted foxy to live he’s my favourite I don’t want him dead
Comment from : Jackson’s Vlog and Friends

I just got an ad containing a talking fox in it
Comment from : sweetbluefog

Rangga Ahdimas
Foxy yeah alike song
Comment from : Rangga Ahdimas

Gacha Kat
y o u a r e a p i r a t e
Comment from : Gacha Kat

Foxy The Pirate
This is the first FNAF MineCraft animation I watched..I thought it would be bad cause Minecraft and FNAF..?

I was not disappointed

Comment from : Foxy The Pirate

Grace Woodrup
Why is it called foxy song because it is about foxy but his is in fnaf 2 not 1 so is this actually withered foxy
Comment from : Grace Woodrup

Coestis ツ
0:41 foxy teleports
Comment from : Coestis ツ

Major Hood
👍 ok
Comment from : Major Hood

Mr. Pugsly
I'm still crying about this song
Comment from : Mr. Pugsly

mya kun
Tendi foi nadaais gostei
Comment from : mya kun

Kezzy Cotts
Comment from : Kezzy Cotts

shadow Santo Amaro da minha vida
minecraft foxy

Comment from : shadow Santo Amaro da minha vida

shadow Santo Amaro da minha vida
minecraft foxy

Comment from : shadow Santo Amaro da minha vida

vitor Leonidas
Foxy 10000000000000000000000000000000
Comment from : vitor Leonidas

lolbit gacha
Comment from : lolbit gacha

Lorenzo Ramirez
3:07 everyone gangster till the furries come to play
Comment from : Lorenzo Ramirez

Random YT
Edit: all words t h i c c now.
Edit: yes all

Comment from : Random YT

Woody and Joe Play
My frend showsd me this and its good
Comment from : Woody and Joe Play

Dark Gacha 2020
3:00 am where I am!!! Jk
Comment from : Dark Gacha 2020

Jorge Loza
I like this song
Comment from : Jorge Loza

Keira George
Callum. Keira
Comment from : Keira George

Keira George
Comment from : Keira George

Keira George
Comment from : Keira George

Maja Benes
Comment from : Maja Benes

Brigida Felczak
Ja wole o wiele bardziej boniego pozdro dla polaczków cebulaszków
Comment from : Brigida Felczak

Sara Queen
Foxy : flashes the light in to his eye

Me : wait, that’s illegal

Comment from : Sara Queen

Abdulla Al mansoori
That must be the first part
Comment from : Abdulla Al mansoori

David Kildow
The foxy song is great
Comment from : David Kildow

Pink Kitten
This is exactly why I have a nightlight at 16
Comment from : Pink Kitten

Лисёнок Теилз
Крутой видос!!!!
Comment from : Лисёнок Теилз

fast forward at 3:06 and 3:50 for a suprise
Comment from : JohnEBeGood5

Lena and Kailee
Lol it made me laugh XD

Comment from : Lena and Kailee

Fnaf Springtrap
Love it
Comment from : Fnaf Springtrap

Lorenzo Ramirez
RIP my homie Foxy
Comment from : Lorenzo Ramirez

Lorenzo Ramirez
3:30 Foxy yelling a guy about his personal problems🤣🤣🤣
Comment from : Lorenzo Ramirez

EpicKitCat02 Branch Comic Creator
And then Follow Me!
Comment from : EpicKitCat02 Branch Comic Creator

EpicKitCat02 Branch Comic Creator
So i could be free
Let It Go 2.0 FNAF edition

Comment from : EpicKitCat02 Branch Comic Creator

Katie Crabtree
New subscriber
Comment from : Katie Crabtree

Carlos eduardo meyer
Traga um vídeo de five nights at freddy's 3 e 4
Comment from : Carlos eduardo meyer

DJ cool
I feel you foxy
Comment from : DJ cool

Funtime Froxy YT
2:46 looks like he s resting on his couch
Comment from : Funtime Froxy YT

Steeve X
Do it please The Foxy Song 3
Comment from : Steeve X

Kya The meme lord
Legend says the toy animatronics are scared after seeing a preticualer foxys soul
Comment from : Kya The meme lord

The best song in The word!!!
Comment from : BRAWL GAMER21

Sad that a minecraft animation got more views than the original
Comment from : Rondog

Ali A
Comment from : Ali A

Realy GOOD!
Comment from : YonG

Harrison Smyth
I like how after a year part 2 was made
Comment from : Harrison Smyth

Beautiful Stardust
Depending on how you interpret the lyrics, you don’t even have to annoy fnaf to like this song. It’s honestly beautiful
Comment from : Beautiful Stardust

Freddy, Chica, Bonnie, And Foxy were all killed at the same time. It was at Fazbear’s dinner. William Aston went into a springbonnie suit and killed them.

No hate-

Comment from : Neko_Stuffz

cinnaya lyons
Poor foxy
Comment from : cinnaya lyons

cinnaya lyons
Cuz all my dreams is all I GOT!!!!!!!!!
Comment from : cinnaya lyons

cinnaya lyons
Hey mate foxy here finally made it dont you fear
Comment from : cinnaya lyons

augusto espinoza
Comment from : augusto espinoza

André Alessandro Diaz
Hola Me llamo André y me gusta tu canción qué tal si tienes muchos likes como éste. 9999999999.99999999M
Comment from : André Alessandro Diaz

ludmila tolosa
I love zaminatio...
Comment from : ludmila tolosa

Part 2¡¡¡
Comment from : WØŁFÌ -CHÃŃ

Kennedy Pugsley
2:07 when my parents are coming to my room when i am supposed to be sleeping
Comment from : Kennedy Pugsley

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