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Wow! Thank you all so much for the amazing feedback we've gotten from you on "Ylvis - the Fox" the passed days guys! Keep on viewing, the fox is still out there! Also feel free to tune in to the Ylvis - [Official music video playlist HD] for more Ylvis moments! Enjoy!
Comment from : TVNorge

10,000 Subscribers With No Videos Challenge
Doctor: You have 3:45 to live

Comment from : 10,000 Subscribers With No Videos Challenge

10,000 Subscribers With No Videos Challenge
Can't believe I was 11 when this come out! The nostalgia is unreal!
Comment from : 10,000 Subscribers With No Videos Challenge

2020??? Anyone??
Comment from : teapop

K. A.
its so sad that it has been 7 years since I listened to this song. and still didn't graduate medical school. smh
Comment from : K. A.

Андрей yellow2016
Я единственный кто видел сначала
What does Big Smoke Say,
потом оригинал?

Comment from : Андрей yellow2016

Mr. Thunderwolf

what a crappy song lol

Comment from : Mr. Thunderwolf

Virgianos !¡
Comment from : Virgianos !¡

Cinzia Guida
Ma è bellissima!!!
Comment from : Cinzia Guida

Stef 06
Dog does "woof",
Cat does "miao"
A stupid does "2020".

Comment from : Stef 06

Denisa Ciobanu
Foarte frumos este
Comment from : Denisa Ciobanu

نونه البغداديه
Comment from : نونه البغداديه

نونه البغداديه
Comment from : نونه البغداديه

here before 1B tickets

Comment from : møønlight

dog goes woof 🐶
cat goes meow 🐱
bird goes tweet 🐦
and mouse goes squeek 🐭
the idiot goes 2020 anyone ??! 🤡

Comment from : møønlight

Aura Elena Luján
Buenos recuerdos está la Vi cuando tenía 6 años y ahora tengo 14
Comment from : Aura Elena Luján

I can't believe this song was made the same year with "Get lucky"
Comment from : Taniachi

X-x shadøw x-X
Comment from : X-x shadøw x-X

Rhian Kiara
Comment from : Rhian Kiara

maxibee ,
U found the random bruh
Give me your N-word pass

Comment from : maxibee ,

Kata Kozul
Comment from : Kata Kozul

Ivan Duart
Muito bom isso música sobre os animais eu amo você 😘😘😘
Comment from : Ivan Duart

Sebastian Helmut
I like turtles 🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢
Comment from : Sebastian Helmut

Diemilli Yamazaki
Comment from : Diemilli Yamazaki

after 6 years we still dont know what does the fox say
Comment from : vxaniia

Ali NCH - Minecraft & More!
This music was posted on my birthday when I was 8 years old. Best Birthday gift!
Comment from : Ali NCH - Minecraft & More!

Locaria CM
Pinches FURROS >:v
Comment from : Locaria CM

Queen Elizabeth
The nostalgia tho-
Comment from : Queen Elizabeth

Rayd 30
Wer ist 2020 auch da ist dan like
Comment from : Rayd 30

Arami Morales
Comment from : Arami Morales

volo tran
Người việt éo hiểu lời nhưng vẫn nghe vì thấy hay
Comment from : volo tran

Thai Pham
Hãy thật
Comment from : Thai Pham

R2.0 Gamer
of course he has also a sound XD. a screaming
Comment from : R2.0 Gamer

Super Zweef
That’s what she said😉
Comment from : Super Zweef

Zeynep Öztel
Fox diyo da tilkiye benzemiyor kediye benziyor ve öbürleri yüzünü boyamamış
Comment from : Zeynep Öztel

ანა გლახაშვილი
it's like what the fuck say
Comment from : ანა გლახაშვილი

Clay ven
Comment from : Clay ven

Me: going wild
Comment from : BOBO-T

Princess Laurent
😂😂I’m still listening to this in 2020
Comment from : Princess Laurent

jokes aside, the bridge and the 3rd chorus is actually a very good edm part 2:27 - 3:29
Comment from : TheNayer12

Ahsan Wasif
Idubbz in disguise 😂😂😂

Comment from : Ahsan Wasif

The memories!!!
Comment from : iTunetonnam

Alena likee
Мимозыря 😂😂😂😂😂
Comment from : Alena likee

kittyloverUWU 2010

My mind:

Comment from : kittyloverUWU 2010

kittyloverUWU 2010
Fraka frakakakaa kow
Comment from : kittyloverUWU 2010

kittyloverUWU 2010
Whats is m o o o o res
Comment from : kittyloverUWU 2010

GamerZach1113 GamingAndMore
He looks like a furry
Comment from : GamerZach1113 GamingAndMore

So, where is swiper hiding right now?
Comment from : DrDraC

Leila Hajji
Wednesday,January 22nd 2020 with 908 008 686 views
Comment from : Leila Hajji

Кто после мимозыри? 🦊
Comment from : _МИМОЗЫРЯ _

Dong bbadda
This is real music
Comment from : Dong bbadda

Mark Froz
Absolutely no one:

My mind in exams: 1:57

Comment from : Mark Froz

stevepro10000gr kalimeris
what the fuck
Comment from : stevepro10000gr kalimeris

Tails prower
Cara essa musica ja faz 7 anos e ainda é a melhor pra mim mais alguem concorda?
Comment from : Tails prower

Hà Linh
2020 :33
Comment from : Hà Linh

Валера Петров
Да это русский комент братан.
Comment from : Валера Петров

Mikaylee Prince
2020 🤔
Comment from : Mikaylee Prince

Phat Tran
2020 ?.
Comment from : Phat Tran

Proof that a lot of people have been doing drugs.
Comment from : AngelicFireIce

Juan Duran
Anyone else taking a trip down memory lane?
Comment from : Juan Duran

Valanka D'souza
Randomly coming back

No regrets

Comment from : Valanka D'souza

im just looking back at this now and wondering why tf this got popular
Comment from : Cyanapse

Cute Coke
Me when they added foxes in minecraft:
Comment from : Cute Coke

Stereo Effect
клип залупа ! Трек топ , всем мир 2020 ГУД )З

Comment from : Stereo Effect

Gerardo Martin
And Till This Day, We Still Don’t Know What Does The Fox Says
Comment from : Gerardo Martin

KKKKmusica que eu mais escutava quando era menor fds
Comment from : Layla

wildest dream
Yo solo veo muchos furros en este video
Comment from : wildest dream

Zeineris Craige
Are you still watching this in 2020?
Comment from : Zeineris Craige

Was 11 almost 12 when this came out, now I’m 18
Comment from : quinny7777

Comment from : G.N

Man this song is the moyduh.
Comment from : Liptakular

Bruh Momento
I still remember when this came out when I was in 4th grade.
Comment from : Bruh Momento

Kailey Stafford
This song is 7 years old. Gosh time flies!
Comment from : Kailey Stafford

Bob Choi
Wait.... What does the fox say?
Comment from : Bob Choi

i LIKE THIS SO MOCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Comment from : 차성란

Kyubi Mandeler
Comment from : Kyubi Mandeler

stubbed toe
Comment from : stubbed toe

Hectorelcrack488 #TeamDraKe
Comment from : Hectorelcrack488 #TeamDraKe

Beebo! in the House
It never gets old😂
Comment from : Beebo! in the House

Aura Elena Luján
Ase mucho que no escuchaba esto
Comment from : Aura Elena Luján

Mr. Aziz
0:42 my alarm in the morning
Comment from : Mr. Aziz

Murilo Machado
The fox say may may nhe nhe nhe nhe nhe
Comment from : Murilo Machado

How is this not the funniest song ever?
Comment from : 2012Numo

Vanessa Herman
Comment from : Vanessa Herman

does man care
Comment from : 10nite

I moved to Florida and there is a pond next to our house. A small crocodile greets me every morning and evening, just floating there serenely taking it all in. After listening to your song so many times, I am trying to come up with some kind of song like the fox. For the croc, it's "Floating there, what are you thinking" then trying to read its mind.
Comment from : phapnui

RAFAELLA the cat
Comment from : RAFAELLA the cat

Paul Holeybatch
Today 0:26 would probably be called 'greyfacing'
Comment from : Paul Holeybatch

lautaro baiz silva
Esta canción formó mi infancia
Comment from : lautaro baiz silva

Yeter Aqya
Comment from : Yeter Aqya

Yeter Aqya
Comment from : Yeter Aqya

Yeter Aqya
Comment from : Yeter Aqya

Yeter Aqya
Comment from : Yeter Aqya

Jack Delong
Eggshell in my pocket
Comment from : Jack Delong

Alguém em 2020?
Comment from : Twictor

Jack Slav
where's that one guy who writes the lyrics?
Comment from : Jack Slav

My mom:its not school

Me: 0:42

Comment from : VxENZOxV

eXo Check
Ugly Music🤢🤮🤧
Comment from : eXo Check

Esa no es su cancion se la robaron a otro youtuber
Comment from : Huguitoide

Mr Minister
What the fuck say?
Comment from : Mr Minister

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